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Bunny Nature RatDream Basic 500g
Bunny Nature

Bunny Nature RatDream Basic 500g

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The rat loves variety just like it would find in its original habitat in Siberia and China. The balanced variety of components gives the rat a true taste experience and is a guarantee for a healthy diet.
Cheese & chicken: High-quality supply with animal protein
Linseed & pumkinseed: Valuable protein, unsaturated fatty acids & essential amino acids
Vegetables: Active vital ingredients"

Oats, corn, wheat, barley, wheat bran, barley flakes, sunflower seed extracted, corn flakes, pea flakes, spelt flakes, linseed (4%), pumpkin seeds (4%), lucerne, wheat flakes, calcium carbonate, carrots, brewer's grain, sweet pepper, carrot pomace, brewer's yeast, ribwort, inulin, chicken (0,5%), cheese (0,5%), camomile blossoms, apples, beetroot, carob. (vegetables 8%)
" "crude protein 14,3% · crude oils and crude fats 5% · crude fibre 6,8% · crude ash 5,5% · calcium 0,6% · phosphorous 0,44%

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