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Botanicals Mini Mix Hibiscus Blossoms & Parsley 25g
Bunny Nature

Botanicals Mini Mix Hibiscus Blossoms & Parsley 25g

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Our "BOTANICALS MINI MIX" are the ideal amount to vary the animals' daily diet on the one hand and to find out what the darlings like best on the other.

Once you have found out through our sample packs which varieties your favorites taste best, you can design the menu individually:

Use the »BOTANICALS MID MIX« varieties as a snack or combine them with the »BOTANICALS MAXI MIX« varieties and the suitable vitamins for a complete feed!

Supplementary feed for dwarf rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas & degus

For feeding as a snack

The "all nature" products "Botanicals MAXI-MIX and MID-MIX" are particularly suitable due to their fine ingredients and natural composition. The mixtures correspond to the natural diet of the herbivores and ideally round off the daily menu. All varieties taste great fresh and provide a tasty variety.

Stinging nettle leaves, parsley stems (18%), dill stalks, peppermint leaves, dandelion leaves, marigold blossoms, echinacea petals, hibiscus blossoms (5%)


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