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Bucatstate H1 Hamster Mix 500g
Bucatstate H1 Hamster Mix 500g

Bucatstate H1 Hamster Mix 500g

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Bucatstate H1 Hamster Mix consist of dried meat, dried flowers and variety of seed mix

Double vacuum sealed pack for freshness

Guaranteed Analysis:

- 20% Protein
- 6% Fat
- 8% Crude Fiber


Ingredients: Freeze dried chicken, freeze dried duck, freeze dried beef, freeze dried vegetables, dried mealworms, dried freshwater shrimp, flaxseed, rapeseed, canary seed, calendula flower braid, dandelion, alfalfa hay, corn flake, pea flake, green bean flake, dried carrot, banana flake, dried cabbage, dried green vegetable, dried sweet potato, dried apple, rice, wheat, buckwheat with shell, oatmeal, brown rice, five colour millet, peanut, safflower seed, cereal, red sorghum, white sorghum, millet, barley seed, green bean, pumpkin seed

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