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JR Farm - Field Herbs 200g
JR Farm - Field Herbs 200g
JR Farm

JR Farm - Field Herbs 200g

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Healthy crude feed for every day. The mix from the most varying field and meadow herbs provides a multitude of essential vitamins and minerals. The high crude fibre content ensures optimal digestion and thus enhances the feeling of well-being. Mixed with hay or other herbs or in addition to the daily share of hay. parsley 8.5%, oat flakes 8.3%, wheat flakes, beetroots, pea flakes, lucerne 6.4%, ribwort, birch leaves, carrots, marigold 5%, nettle, wheat, wheat puffed, maize flakes, maize puffed, oat herb, cornflowers, melissa, dandelion 2%, peppermint, mountain meadow hay, rose blossoms, red clover blossoms protein 13.1%, fat content 2.7%, crude fibre 11.3%, crude ash 6.4%

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