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Marukan Cheese Sandwich Biscuits for Hamsters 50g (MR554)

Marukan Cheese Sandwich Biscuits for Hamsters 50g (MR554)

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Cheese sandwiched between biscuits and baked. Contains lactoferrin. A great treats for hamsters.

  • High calcium
  • Milk n cheese protein 



Calcium, enzyme carbonic leavening agent flavoring extract salt fermented soybean protein, wheat and rice germ powder Spinach powder sugar, flour, cheese,soy germ fermented rice powder

    Product Analysis: Crude protein: more than 9.5%, crude fat: 11.9 percent more, crude fiber: less than 1.9%,crude Ash: 1.7%, Moisture: 5.0%

    Barcode : 4906456530992

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