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Rodipet EasyClean Drink Set
Rodipet EasyClean Drink Set
Rodipet EasyClean Drink Set
Rodipet EasyClean Drink Set

Rodipet EasyClean Drink Set

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Rodipet® EasyClean Drink Set

  • Stable drinking trough
  • Comes with 75 ml water bottle
  • Easy to clean
  • Hard and resistant clay
  • Glazed on the inside

Stable drinking trough with feeding place and hiding place

The Rodipet® EasyClean drinking trough for your pet is made of high-quality and durable ceramic. The design offers a secure drinking trough and a feeding or hiding place. High-quality Classic® drinking bottle included!

Claw care par excellence

The natural process of wear and tear of the claws is usually neglected in the nagarium. In the wild, the nimble rodents run over hill and dale and expand their burrow - here the claws shorten themselves.

With Rodipet® EasyClean ceramic products, you can offer your pet the opportunity to naturally care for the constantly growing claws while climbing, thus avoiding complications that can cause excessively long nails.

The surface is slightly rough and therefore acts like a gentle nail file.

Drinking trough, hiding place and feeding area

The two connected tubes are glazed on the inside and closed at the bottom. Through the large opening, hamsters & co. can seek shelter or go on a voyage of discovery to find delicacies.

Ideal for offering hay or millet hygienically. The food remains clean and must be earned - this provides a welcome change in the daily routine of rodents.

The drinking bottle is held securely in the heavy, and therefore tilt resistant, ceramic. The bottle can easily be pulled out upwards for water changes.


Dimensions and data

WxLxH: 13x8x18 cm
Entrance: Ø 7 cm

Rodipet® recommends this product for

gerbils, degus, golden hamsters, Djungarian dwarf hamsters, Campbell dwarf hamsters, Chinese striped hamsters, fancy mice, spiny mice and many more.


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